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Blogs are a great way to get informative, less-"salesy", information out to your clients. It keeps them informed on a trending topic and helps spark their interest in a product or service. It also keeps them wanting more, building a mutual relationship between business and customer. I've written several search engine optimized blogs to bring attention to certain procedures or products in a more conversational way, as if talking straight to the consumer. Other blogs I've ghostwritten from the perspective of a doctor with a more professional tone.

Click on all the images to read the full blog entries. A new window will be opened so you don't have to worry about losing your spot! 

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How to Decide on Breast Implant Placement for the Athlete

This blog was written from the perspective of the board certified plastic surgeon. The tone is more informative, detail-oriented and professional. 


Everything You Need to Know About Newtox vs. Botox

This SEO-optimized blog was written from the perspective of a patient, which was me. It was a testimonial-style blog with details of my first-hand experience with two products. 

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Lip Fillers

This blog helps peak curiosity by suggesting that there are "juicy unknowns" about a lip filler procedure. In this case, we are sparking intrigue to get more opens from the consumer. 


Best Post Surgery Bra to Wear After Breast Surgery

"For How Long Do I Have to Wear a Post-Surgical Compression Bra?" - headers like these are questions asked on search engines frequently and we want to appear in those searches when that happens. 

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Hair Loss due to Pandemic Stress is Happening. It's Not Just You. 

PRF for hair regrowth is a treatment that helps with hair loss. During pandemic times, hair loss was newsworthy. This blog was relatable and had a solution for clients at this luxury Raleigh medical spa. 


Botox or Olive Oil? What is JLo's Secret for Beautiful Skin?

Seems like every time we turn around a celebrity has a new skincare line! This blog ties in the timeliness of remarks of olive oil being 'the best kept skincare secret' but how comparable is it really to transformative, immediate results-driven Botox? 

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