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Image by Martin Engel

Social Media

As a Social Media Manager, creating a presence, growing a following and telling your story are key elements to increasing your brand awareness across digital platforms. 

"Virginia quickly identified areas for enhancing our social media platforms" - Kile Law, CEO, Blue Water Spa & Blue Water Plastic Surgery

  • Grew the social media following by almost 100% utilizing both organic and paid methods.

  • Introduced the element of reels early on upon managing social media. Incorporated new brand identity across all media platforms with new colors, fonts and consistent photography.

  • Added Linktree to the social media profile to allow for more links including revamped online store, which increased sales.

  • Launched Influencer Marketing Program and increased reach and visibility for both the spa instagram and plastic surgery instagram by 400%. 


Starting from scratch can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be, it can be a blank canvas with endless possibilities.

This Mortgage Broker and Loan Originator didn't have time for her social media but wanted to get her name out in the digital universe (or Metaverse). She knew she wanted a clean, modern, professional look with elements of airy and

South Florida-esque features, introduce: palm trees and water. 

I created her Instagram from scratch with all the information she was able to provide on the housing market, trending topics. All while creating informative, visual graphics that capture a realtor's or homebuyer's attention. What's next for this client? Introducing paid social media advertising. She wants to take that leap and now that she's establishing her social media- it's time to GROW. 

Other Work 

Here's a look at past social media profiles I've managed. 

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