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Image by Georgia de Lotz

Videos & Influencer Marketing

All videos on this page were shot and edited by me. Most thumbnails were also completed with my direction and input. Testimonials were guided by me, but mainly the authentic views of the interviewee. 

Influencer @eviltwinn shared her testimonial on how much she loves laser hair removal. 

Influencer @the.bananamoonblog shares why discussing skin color and laser hair removal is necessary. 

This is me in front of the camera. Although I am usually filming others, in this case, it was my turn to talk my personal experiences. I was able to add subtitles to this video which is crucial as oftentimes people tend to view videos on mute. 

Two-time Super Bowl Champion, Willie Parker shared that he loves to use Emscult NEO to stay in shape and strong. 

Podcast Host, Actress, Producer, Model, Speaker, Writer and Award-Winning Radio Personality, Camille Kauer shares her experience with Botox.

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