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Thought-provoking- researching-creative trying to create an impact.

The digital way.


This is me

My innate curiosity and interest in the stories of everyday people have prompted me to have careers in news, marketing, customer service and the logistics of it all. I'm a "make-it-happen" kind of person embedded with Miami hustle and the love of knowledge and information. I have an entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to adapt and lead in a fast paced environment. My passion for people and storytelling has made me a strong, caring innovative leader.

Content Strategy  Writing 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Events Content    Fundraising  Creative Initiatives SEO Influencer Marketing  Video Production/Editing  Public Relations  Event Marketing   

Brand Ambassador


I help businesses succeed through storytelling.

I'm a firm believer that telling your story is what captivates an audience. The amazing thing about stories, is that we all have one. A relationship is born when you connect with your audience. Storytelling has many different methods in the digital age. Whether it's via on-air local or national news, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, website, blogs, marketing materials, events, brand ambassadors- it can be anything or anyone representing you, which helps nurture that relationship. 

I immerse myself in those experiences and bring life to that connection.

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